Stay social – it may help you live longer

Staying Social

Yes, you read that right. Researchers have found that having a healthy social life may be as good for your long-term health as avoiding cigarettes!

Connecting with others is also important for your mental health. Strong social ties can help ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can lead to depression.

Six ways to get social

  1. Plan regular visits (or even phone calls) with family and friends
  2. If your Medicare plan includes the SilverSneakers® benefit to join a gym – use it –you’ll be able to socialize and get physically fit at the same time (now that’s a win-win!)
  3. Visit a senior center
  4. Join a club or group (like a book club, garden club, or a walking group)
  5. Take a class at a community college or adult education center
  6. Volunteer at a hospital, church, charitable group, or a local school