You’re young and healthy, 5 reasons you still need health insurance

You’re under 40, you don’t go to the doctor much, and there are lots of urgent care centers if you get sick. You don’t really need health insurance – or do you?

According to Transamerica Center for Health Studies, in 2016 fewer than one in five Millennials (individuals born between 1982 and  2004) considered getting affordable health insurance or access to quality health care to be a high priority – even though more than half reported having some health condition.

There are 5 good reasons to have health insurance, even if you’re healthy today (or think you are).


1. You’ll be prepared for the unexpected

Just like car insurance health insurance protects you and your wallet from the unexpected. Your situation could change quickly with an injury, accident or major illness. No one plans to get sick or hurt.


2. You could end up paying more without coverage

While health insurance is an expense, the cost of getting care without it could be much more than you expect. Going to the emergency room, seeing a doctor, having tests run and/or medical procedures (even if minor), can all add up quickly.


3. Keeping healthy now may help you avoid expensive health issues later

People with health insurance are more likely to visit the doctor on a regular basis for services like annual checkups or wellness exams. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurance companies, like ConnectiCare, to cover many preventive services at no cost to you.

We looked into the Millennials insured with ConnectiCare in 2016 and found that many didn’t take advantage of those services:

We can’t stress enough how important routine preventive care is. Checkups and screenings may uncover health problems before you know you have them, potentially heading off an expensive, major illness down the road.

To extend the car analogy: regular oil changes, tire rotation and maintenance keep your car running smoothly for years longer than if you ignore them.


4. It’s the law (still)

Under the ACA, everyone must have qualifying health insurance, either through a parent, an employer or on their own.


5. Getting insured isn’t that difficult

If you’re employed, even by a small business, it’s likely you have options to get health coverage. And, if you’re age 26 or younger and your parents have health insurance, you usually can be added to their plan. Those over age 26 may be able to buy individual plans on or off state-run health exchanges. You may even qualify for financial help.


The bottom line: Don’t let today’s good health keep you from securing the benefits and future protections that health insurance provides.


1. Based on ConnectiCare’s commercial fully-insured and Health Exchange business, medical and pharmacy claims in calendar year 2016.